• Testimonial (Patient) 6

    My daughter and I would like to express our thanks for the care you gave my husband! It was much appreciated! We are also thankful for the consideration you gave us. It helped greatly.

  • Testimonial (Patient) 5

    I have to tell you that your group has some outstanding doctors. We were lucky to have Dr. Deftu at the end but we had Dr. Vidad several times during our many hospital stays. When there’s a good doctor assigned to you, the level of stress decreases. Having Dr. Deftu during the final hospital stay was a blessing and a huge relief. I absolutely and totally trusted her.

  • Testimonial (Patient) 4

    A Nurse Specialist saw me on admission and was extremely thoughtful, professional and expert. Being a nurse myself caused me to see that he was truly concerned about my problem and very much wanted to see a good outcome to my case. I am very thankful for the good care I received at Carson-Tahoe and the expertise that assisted me on my way to full recovery.

  • Testimonial (Patient) 3

    Our doctor had such a great demeanor, happy go lucky. She was adorable and sweet. Really made all the difference.

  • Testimonial (Patient) 2

    I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your willingness to work with your clients during this extremely difficult economic time. It is companies like yours that will rebuild this country and help to maintain our middle class.

  • Testimonial (Patient) 1

    Our provider was a Godsend. He spoke to me in terms that I could understand. We’re lucky to have had him.

  • Testimonial (Provider) 4
    Vijay Maiya, MD

    I have been with Aguirre Healthcare since its inception in 2007 and would not want to want to work for any other group.

  • Testimonial (Provider) 2
    Angelina Cappiello, PA-C

    I love the flexibility and personalization of working for a local physician & his company. The physicians I work with are supportive of PAs and our contribution to the team is valued. The cases I see are extremely varied, keeping me challenged on a daily basis.

  • Testimonial (Provider) 1
    Zack Ballingham, RN, MSN, FNP

    Working for Aguirre Healthcare has been both a challenging and rewarding experience. I don’t know of many other career opportunities where you can combine autonomy while having a solid teamwork backup and approach to providing patient care. Combining that with working in acute care settings at some of the newest facilities with access to state of the art technology and diagnostics and you have the tools you need to succeed as a provider.

  • Testimonial (Provider) 3
    Craig Rau, MD

    Working within Aguirre Healthcare has been far and away the best job I have ever had. Dr. Aguirre expects hard work and diligence, and in return he provides a stable workplace with a great group of colleagues, along with tremendous support, flexibility of schedule, and compassion. I feel I have been able to focus on the patient more fully than ever before.